Couldnt get data for your organization


What could be the issue here. I keep on getting below error whenever i refresh. This error started on Monday. Is there any issue with the server?

Kindly assist!

Welcome back to the community, @Tonyk! Could you kindly let us know when you get this error message? Please also let us know the server you are using. These details should help us troubleshoot your issue.

Hi Kal,

We are on paid plan on Global KoboToolbox Server.

username xxxxxxx

let me know if you need more details.

Thank you!

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In addition to the above, the edit function and icons are missing (same account and server - kf). Is there issues with the server?

Much appreciated for your kind support.

Kind regards

@Tonyk, kindly please be informed that we are investigating your case and will get back to you when we resolve it.

@Tonyk, would you kindly have a look? Your issue has been resolved. Thank you for brining this to our attention!

Hi Kal,

This issue seems to have been resolved. Thank you for your prompt action.

Kind regards,

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@Tonyk, :bowing_man: :tada: