Counting or summing the answers from previous saved form in kobocollect

How Can count the number of people who respond yes for question named have you attended school. I want to count/summing all respondents who said yes.

Is there any formula to do this? as lased saved function do it?

So you mean you have a question in your survey project which askes Have you attended school? with a response of Yes and No. You fill up the survey form and when you open the new form you wish to see the total number of counts that responded to Yes for that question?

Yes, That it is what I wish to do. counting the responses from the previous forms completed

@DJAA, if this is the case, then you could have a look at our dynamic data attachment feature that should solve your issue:

Is this possible with one round survey. and if enumerator have a butch of 20 respondent to be interviewed today at a specific site can just be able to count those who said “yes” as a default value. just to inform enumerator that among the 6 respondents completed this interview maybe 4 responded “yes” on that question. just counting through the respondents

Yes, that too should be possible. We haven’t updated our article with that approach but we will be updating it very soon.

Great!, can you give me any support?

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Sure, we will share the same through our upcoming updated support article.