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Como puedo crear perfiles en Kobo?, es decir, perfiles para las personas que van a realizar las encuestas desde KoboCollect, (coordinador, supervisor, encuestadores) y como se puede crear un perfil de cliente para dar acceso a algunas funciones en el servidor? (visualizar resultados, ver las bases).

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How can I create profiles in Kobo?, ​​that is, profiles for the people who will carry out the surveys from KoboCollect, (coordinator, supervisor, interviewers) and how to create a client profile to access some functions in the server ? (visualize results, see the bases).

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Hi @LuisB,

In KoBoToolbox, you will be able to create survey forms and deploy them. The ones who create the forms have access to the server (which contains the forms and data). If you wish to provide access to other users you could provide him/ her with the user account name and password. However, if you do not wish to provide the admin access you could still share the project information such as the entered data and the reports to a user through the survey link. The person with the survey link will not have access to the survey forms, nor can s/he edit the form.

The other option, is by managing permissions. For details on managing permissions please see the support article attached here:

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Hola @Kal_Lam

Gracias por la respuesta me ha sido de gran ayuda, hice lo que dice en el articulo pero sigo con una duda, segun lo que interprete de la lectura, para poder dar permisos o crear un usuario a un proyecto se debe crear una cuenta de kobotoolbox y crear los permisos de mi proyecto apuntando a ese usuario creado?

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Hello @LuisB,

Sorry, couldn’t understand anything! Could you kindly provide the same in English please! Thanks!!!


Hello @Kal_Lam

Thanks for the answer, I have been a great help, I have given what it says in the article but with a doubt, has been interpreted correctly in reading, to give a permit to a project that should create a Kobotoolbox account and create the permissions of my project pointing To that created user?

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