Creating a cascading select for a select multiple question

Dear Kal,

I have tried to create dynamic choices for a following question which works well for the preceding being a single select question. But if I make it a multiple select question, which is close to the reality, it does not work as expected. I have attached the xls forms.

choice_filter - selectone.xlsx (13.6 KB)

choice_filter - selectmultiple.xlsx (13.8 KB)

Thanks in anticipation for your support.

Welcome back to the community, @clementigben! Is this something you are looking for?

Thank you Kal,
It is the stage before specifying “others” that I require a solution for.

To be clearer, the information on ‘use of juveniles’ can only be provided by ‘Hatchery operator’, ‘NGO’, ‘Producer group’ and ‘Others’ so when ‘use of juveniles’ is selected, these are the choices that should appear.

When ‘use of juveniles’ and ‘use of improved seed’ are both selected - being multiselect - ‘input dealers’, ‘hatchery operator’, ‘NGO’, ‘Producer group’ and ‘Others’ should appear as choices and so on.

Thank you for your help!

If this is your requirement, you could do it as outlined in the post discussed previously:

Thank you Kal.

This recommendation gave me a head-start in resolving my constraint, but I am yet to achieve the desired solution. What complicates this is that the question type for the initiating question is a select_multiple. I have tried using count-selected() and nested if() to resolve this but I am yet to. I even tried the ‘&&’ operator in the nested if(), but nothing. Please see my attached xlsform for clarity. Thanks.

choice_filter - selectmultiple.xlsx (20.2 KB)

Dear clementigben,

I am also looking for the same solution for cascading for multiple select.
Did you solve it?

thanks all,
we can use “choice_filter” column with select_multiple question As shown in the images:
survey sheet:

choices sheet:

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@zahirr, here is the solution shared by @MohammedTaleb!

Reference XLSForm:

cascading select (select multiple).xlsx (15.4 KB)

@MohammedTaleb thank you for this great solution! I have updated this as an XLSForm so that the entire community could benefit. Thank you once again for all the support provided to the community @MohammedTaleb :clap: :heart: :partying_face:

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