Creating a complex repeat group (that does not allow the user to select the option that has already been selected and also lists out what has been selected)

Hi, I’m trying to create a simple repeat group but I need some functionalities and I don’t know if that could be possible:

The repeat section has 2 variables a select_one and integer, but I need to

  1. Restrict the select_one options to previuos unselected options:
  2. After entering al the data in the repeat y like to print in a note a summary of all items.

For now I will use a lot of calculated fields (50), but I like something more efficient.

The form draft with 4 products in the summary screen: aBiK8JXUxwGVxmmsK7yFnW.xls (9.5 KB)


I appreciate help.

Welcome back to the community, @finlay! Maybe this post discussed previously should help you control the options that has been selected previously within a repeat group:

Thanks @Kal_Lam that resource really help me with both issues, finally my form can:

  1. Restrict the data for previous selected products
  2. Create a summary at the end of the form to check if the data entered is correct.

This is the final form: aBiK8JXUxwGVxmmsK7yFnW.xls (9 KB)


@finlay, glad that it worked out for you. Thank you too for sharing your final workaround that should be helpful for our community.

This solution seems to work well when the repeat group doesn’t have repeat_count set.Enabling the repeat_count prompts Kobo to treat each item as having already been selected. Kindly support. Thank you