Creating a conditional follow-up web form

Hello, We want to create an online web form, which includes an anonymous survey and at the end of the survey, participants will have a choice to enter their name in a lottery. If they choose to participate in the lottery, they need to be automatically redirected to a separate form where they will enter identifying information so that we can transfer the payment if they win the lottery. The identifying data from the lottery form needs to be stored separately from the initial anonymous survey. Is there a way to design this in kobo where a separate follow up form can be automatically sent only to those participants interested in the lottery and that the data from lottery is saved separately from the initial anonymous survey Thanks Ashwini

Welcome back to the community, @Ashwini! The system does not have a feature to automate as needed but if you wish to do it manually then you could use the dynamic data attachment feature that is available within the system. You should be able to learn more about the same in this article:

If you need to automate, you will need to use the REST services for this as outlined in this support article REST Services.

Thanks @Kal_Lam. I read about the dynamic attachment feature. I have following questions:

  1. Could you please explain what do you mean when you say it cannot be automated but done manually?

The survey will be designed as online survey where we will put up link/QR code to the survey on flyer. We do not have enumerators administering the survey. Whoever wishes to take the survey can scan the QR code and take the survey. At the end of the survey, they will have a choice to enter their name in the lottery. If they wish to participate in a lottery they need to be redirected to the lottery form where they can enter the identifying information. Is there a way to program this such that if they select a ‘yes’ to the question about entering their name in the lottery, they will be taken to a the lottery form and if they say ‘no’ survey ends? We won’t have any enumerators overseeing this process so this needs needs to be preprogrammed. Lottery form needs to be a separate form as we don’t want to link identifying data with survey responses.

  1. Does dynamic attachment have this functionality? Or is there a way to use a single submission ‘return URL’ option? However, only a subset of people interested in lottery need to be redirected to the lottery form and not everyone.