Creating attendance sheets for varying communities/household clusters:

Hi Kobo Toolbox community,

I’m looking for a solution for the enumerators on a team that runs an education program with about 50+ communities concurrently. These communities are household clusters with anywhere from 10 to 30 individual caretakers who participate in the education program. The team needs to track the attendance of those individuals within the community. The education program itself has multiple modules and units, and requires about 14 visits in total to complete the program. This should be similar to conducting any normal wide-longitudinal survey.

I believe we will need to create unique “Client IDs” and “Community IDs” to support this data collection. A separate form will be used to generate these IDs (I’m calling it a ‘community contact form’), which we will then use to feed into a separate attendance form.

The attendance form will start with cascading questions to help enumerators select the correct Community ID (district>subdistrict>village>Community ID). The Community ID would then need to populate a matrix question with the list of Client IDs tied to that Community ID. In other words, once the enumerator selects the correct Community ID, it should give them a matrix-style question for each of the Client IDs for that community so they can quickly check an “Attendance” column with “yes” or “no”. This should then be tied to the module/unit that the team taught that day, so they can track attendance over time for the course.

Is this possible? Would we be able to set this up in a way that would allow us to group attendance by community for analysis?

I have uploaded where I am currently stuck, just to give an example of what we’re trying to achieve:
CascadeCommunityIDSelect_2023.01.27.xlsx (12.9 KB)

Thank you SO much in advance for any assistance. Sincerely,


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@JaoPao, you should also be able to leverage the dynamic data attachment feature to design your attendance sheet. Here is our support article on the same: