Creating Folders for different programs


This is my very first time to be part of this community and I am very excited.

My question is, is there are way to create folders to assign to different programs?

Thank you and appreciate any and all help from everyone.

Hi @mtkwaipo,
Interesting question.
What are you trying to achieve with this? What is the point of the folders, are you trying to organise the forms within your project list? Or trying to share a set of forms with a certain group of people? Just wondering, to see if an existing solution other than folders. Or what use-case this feature would be useful for.

Currently, you’re able to “tag” projects, which could help organise projects. And you’re able to duplicate a “sharing group of people” from one project to another.
But maybe you could explain more?

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I am managing several partners and their development agencies.
I am assisting them to do mobile data collection using Kobo toolbox.

The purpose of the folders are;

  1. To group a partner or their development agency’s individual surveys etc.

  2. For general survey questionnaires, I would like to group, different to what I will do for the partners individually.

I feel keeping them in two seperate folders will ease the effort in management of data and information individually and as a group.

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I also think something like ‘folders’ for project / form management would be really handy. I think @mtkwaipo’s purpose of grouping projects by partner or agency could be useful in a lot of situations, especially for people like us who provide support for multiple groups doing data collection.

It could also help by making it quicker to share groups of forms. I know you have the option to duplicate the sharing permissions form-by-form, but it’d be really useful to share a folder (or tag!) with a group, then to know that any form placed into that folder is automatically shared with the group.

I can also see the use of separating types of project. At the moment, I have separate accounts for my personal tests, our shared company testing ground, and for live projects. I’d prefer to put them under one account, but it gets quite hard to find things as the number of projects increases… Tags go some way to solving this, but I’d like to be able to visually see the groups I’ve assigned, instead of having to search for the tags (and remember which strings I used so I can search for them).

If the Kobotools team are set on tags rather than folders (and I think tags are usually more flexible!), then maybe we could have a view where we see our tags list as if they were folders? I.e. a list of tags, with an accordion-like “click-to-expand” view to see the projects within each tag?

(If kobo already has any of this, please let me know!)

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We have been promoting the use of Kobotoolbox in all our programs for few years now. With the multitude of forms in our accounts it would be very helpful to be able to sort them into folders! Hope this feature will be added by the developers.

Thanks in advance!


This would be an extremely useful feature! I am managing forms for several countries so my homepage currently has many forms, making it difficult to navigate. It would be very useful to have a folder for each country or project etc.