Creating multiple users with one email address

How do I create multiple users for a project with one email and grant them different permissions. I have tried the article on authorization but it’s not working for me.

Welcome to the community, @rbangurah1! If you wish to create multiple accounts registered to the same email id, you could do it manually. Currently, there is no straightforward way to create a bulk user account. You could then assign permissions to these accounts later after creating the accounts.

Dear Kal_Lam,

How do I go about creating this manually as you have recommended? For instance, I have tried creating other users using the same email but the system kept rejecting this option. The message is that this email id is already associated with an account.

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@rbangurah1, you could try using the instructions outlined in our support article Creating an account on KoboToolbox.. Feel free to reach us back if there are any issues.