CSV file unreadable after deploying

'm reaching out regarding an issue I’ve encountered with two forms that have been functioning smoothly until last week.

In these forms, I utilize the select_one_from_file feature, attaching a CSV file to the media. I perform regular updates to this file, typically on an hourly basis.

However, since last week, whenever I redeploy the forms, the associated CSV file appears to become corrupted. Despite its filename remaining present in the Media folder within the configuration, the file itself appears empty. Additionally, attempting to download the file prompts a “file not found” error in the browser.

I would greatly appreciate any insights or support the community can offer in resolving this issue.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Welcome to the community, @hmartian! Would you mind sharing your CSV file so that we could see if the file is in the correct format?

Thanks for your reply,

colores.csv (85 Bytes)

actividades2_inl.csv (589 Bytes)

For me its happening with all my CSV files, all forns, with EU server and kc server too.

Tis is a screenshot of the media files section, It shows like if the file still exits but actually is void or null

Also the file uploaded is downloadable before the form implementation (1) but it becomes corrupted or nulified after the implementation and is not downloadable anymore (2) . Tis behavior has beed tested in Chrome, Edge and using curl.


When you copy the link to the CSV file (colores.csv file and opens it in a new tab it
gives a not found error.

GET /api/v2/assets/a5RDXJRo8qdQpeRt7jMLUR/files/afEUzgvuCzH58vhhsGMPpgy/content/

HTTP 404 Not Found Allow: GET, HEAD, OPTIONS Content-Type: application/json Vary: Accept { “detail”: “No encontrado.” }

@Kal_Lam The workaround that worked for me was to change the CSV update/deploy workflow as suggested in [1].

[1] https://community.kobotoolbox.org/t/media-files-are-not-detected-error-on-preview-and-open-collect-data/52021/11

I’m doing this in order to avoid CSV problems:

  1. Delete the ‘YOUR_CSV_FILENAME_HERE.csv’ file. from the media files.
  2. Deploy the form.
  3. Go to the media section and add the ‘YOUR_CSV_FILENAME_HERE.csv’ file.
  4. Deploy the form again.

I would like to suggest checking if this issue is a bug because everything was working fine until last week, possibly before the latest release of Kobo updates.

I had to make changes to some cron jobs and automatic CSV loading via API because everything broke last week.

Please let me know if there’s anything we could do to document this issue.

Thank for your valuable help and support.

@hmartian, I also see an issue with your CSV file format …


This post discussed previously should help you solve your issue: