CSV files not found even when it has been uploade

Hi all,
My CSV is no longer with pulldata function again. Nothing has changed except that more data has been added to the csv file. The system flag that that particular csv is missing.

I have the same problem since last week. Maybe had been a new release.that broke the CSV update workflow turning the CSV unreadable or void after deployment. Please check my question [1]

The workaround that worked to me is to change the CSV update / Re deploy workflow as suggested in [2]
[2] https://community.kobotoolbox.org/t/media-files-are-not-detected-error-on-preview-and-open-collect-data/52021/11

  1. Delete the YOUR_CSV_FILENAME_HERE.csv file,
  2. Deploy the form.
  3. Go to media and add the YOUR_CSV_FILENAME_HERE.csv file
  4. Deploy the form

Voilá, the CSV now is readable!.
Hope it helps.

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Thank you for reaching out, But mine is not working. I guess something is wrong with my CSV file and it’s not working again.

Thank you so much. It’s working now.

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