Customizong data reports, view total amounts instead of mean/median/mode

I’m new using Kobo so maybe I’m asking something basic.
I’d like to visualize in data reports the total amounts of certain categories (i.e. total amount of women, men, minors etc. involved in our projects). When I visualize the data report, it only show me the means/median/mode and standard deviation. How can I change it? It seems impossibile to customize this kind of tables that are generated automatically. Am I doing something wrong in the form building?

Thank you in advance for your support,


Welcome to the community @chiaramarioni! Currently KoBoToolbox does not have the feature you are looking out for. However there is already a feature request made which should cover you issue:

Kindly please VOTE if you wish to see this feature in the upcoming days.


Thanks! I’ll vote!

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