Reporting a cumulative numeric value for an integer question


I have the following suggestion.
When a form contains integer question type, the only type of report available is about “Mean, median, mode”. It would be useful to have a report on the cumulative numeric value resulting from all the responses given to that integer question type.
For example:

“Number of animals died during the last productive cylce”
Response: “Number (123)”

When going to the Reports section, the type of report is the following:
|Mean|Median|Mode|Standard deviation|**

But, in addition to that (Mean, Median…) I would also like to have a report on the total number (value) of animals died (summing all the responses to the questionnaire), for ex. 150 animals died.

Thank you, Best, Natascia

Hi @natascia,

Thank you for creating this features improvement request. Simply linking your post here as a reference of the post you had made previously:

Have a great day!

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