Data collection questions re online-offline multiple submission

I am planning to deploy a project through KoBoToolbox that would benefit from having multiple participants respond to the survey at the same time. A few questions about the online-offline (multiple submission) method:

  1. With the online-offline (multiple submission) method, can multiple users fill in the form simultaneously?

  2. When using the online-offline (multiple submission) method, can participants see the responses already completed by other participants?

  3. Can more than one participant to fill in the same form without changing the responses of another participant who is using it at the same time?

Thank you!

Welcome to the community, @soniayj! You should be able to learn more about Enketo through our support article Collecting Data through Web Forms.

Hello, thank you for your helpful response!

To clarify for Q3, we plan to deploy the form at multiple sites, but we would like only one form completed per site. Within each site, however, there may be multiple team members (participants) filling in the form. To avoid duplicate responses from the same site, is it still possible for multiple participants to fill in different parts of the form without creating overlap? As a more concrete example, we have divided our form into 7 sections. If participants worked on different sections at the same time, would this allow one final response from one site?

Thanks again!

So if i understand your issue:

Filling up the form once per site.

This is not possible but maybe you could restrict this as outlined in our post discussed previously:

Forms are divided into different parts where different users are able to fill up different parts.

This is not possible. Here a single user if wishes to fill up the form should fill up the entire form.