Data disappeared

Need help from staff. My survey “Country goals for digital M&E” has about 6 mandatory questions; two of them are in the Track section and ask What track do you want?.
3 people filled out the survey, but those answers are blank.
I can’t imagine that I published the survey without making those fields mandatory.

So can you tell me if I 1) made a mistake and published without them being mandatory or 2) the data disappeared somehow into the Kobosphere?

Thank you,

@rebeccalk, could you also share a screenshot of the same from the Data>Table and the downloaded XLS format? These screenshots should be helpful for us to troubleshoot your issue.

BTW, did you also edit your data from the server?

Sure - here’s the screenshot.

No, I didn’t edit the data in the Data table (online).

Looking at the downloaded data more closely, the fields in the spreadsheet aren’t presented in order, so one of my mandatory questions was answered (about what Kobo Track they want). But the mandatory question about PowerBI Track is empty.

It says new users can’t upload attachments. So here is screenshot of key columns.