Data download issue for only one form

we are facing an issue while exporting data from one form on Kobo Tool box.

Form asset ID is - aTJoDP8aJcVuSVkLHz3Q2R

We are not facing any issue with any other form that we have created on the same account but for some reason, we are not able to export data from this particular form. It just stays in the processing state. It would be really great if KOBO team can help us understand why this is happening and how can we fix it.

Welcome to the community, @kobotool_fmch! Could you also share a screenshot of your issue so that the community should be able to understand it pictorially and help you out?

sure. here it is.

This status is processing since last saturday.

@kobotool_fmch, would you mind sharing with me the following information through a private message so that I could have a closer look at your case:

  • Username
  • Project name
  • Server

Note: You could share with me a private message as outlined in the post discussed previously:

@kobotool_fmch, until I investigate your issue, you could still download your data in XLS (legacy) format. Feel free to reach us back if that format does not work.

XLS (legacy) format is working but it is not in the format as we want.

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@kobotool_fmch, when having a look at your project XLSForm, I could see a form design issue. FYR …


Choices name are not allowed with a space.

This form was working with these details only uptill now.
Nevertheless I fixed this and try exporting the data but still facing the same issue as earlier. it just stays in processing state.

@kobotool_fmch, as a quick check, I would advise you to validate your XLSForm through this online validator. The online validator should help you identify syntax issues.

I did. It did not throw any error.

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@Kal_Lam - any solution found for download issue?

@Kal_Lam - Hi - requesting help on this.

Please help. We are no able to use any data.

@kobotool_fmch, did you change any variable name from within the repeat group? If yes, can you recall the variable that you changed?