Data entry user Enketo error while submitting submissions to the server

Dear Kobo Team ,

We have a program desgined in KOBO and data collection was going well . Recently one of the data collector is facing a problem in accessing the form using the browser Enketo . Below is the error . there are files that need to be uploaded to the server which are still pending and we were not able to access . The enumerator was able to conduct the survey with other broswer than the chrome using the same device .

Can you please help on how i can aceess my data in the browser ?
Thank you

Is this only a case for a single user? Would you mind trying if the user is able to browser anything with the browser and see if the device is connect to the internet? Also please would you mind letting us know the server you are using?

Thank you for your quick support .

  1. Yes she was able to browse other test kobo programs to check the broser works and it worked fine .
  2. She is connected to interest and submited data collections after that
  3. Its only one enumerator problem
  4. I use the Non-Humanetiran Server

let me know if other information is needed
Many thanks

So, basically you get this error message when you try to submit your data to the server?

No , there is a back-end data that was pulled when specific ID was entered. She completed two Audits and started a new one . when she enter the 3rd ID , noting was pulled on her broswer, so the data manager checked with himself and was able to see the data , so he got confused and redeploy the form & the Pull data -just in case . He advised her to refresh the form and see again , when she does , this was the error that dispays and was unable to acess the data in the browser .

So you mean your survey project has a pull data function that should pull information to the form. And this is where the problem comes from?

Not really , I was explaning the way we designed program , how it worked & when error occured . We havent found any issues with the Pull Data , it was working for her also for the other enumerators . she notices the problem when the form doenst show her the built in data in the form that was pulled , That is when she requested for help , then the data manager just did with what i explained above .

And yes, we used the Pull Data Function which works fine

Could you kindly explain a bit more on what the built in data in the form means.

So , there are two things in the form. As shown in picture 1 - when the auditor enters an ID - data populate in Section One(all) & Section two- column " Built in TTS" then auditor enter values in Section two- - “Actuals , Remark” - columns . what happend was (shown as in the 2nd picture ), she Entered ID - data populated in both sections --> started entering vaules in Actuals -->, saved as draft -->, opended it after an hr–> and sees that values in “Built in TTS” was empty —>Informed to Data manager—> Data manager redeploy the form and the data —> Auditor refersh to get the new form —> resulted in seeing the error

So, your team was able to collect the data without any issue. Then she saved it in the browser. And then when getting back she found that her data was missing and saw the error message that you have shared above.

Did i get it correctly?

[quote=“Kal_Lam, post:11, topic:14803”]
So, your team was able to collect the data without any issue. Then she saved it in the browser. And then when getting back she found that her data was missing
[/quote] - yes , then the data manager redeployed the form assuming she will get it back , adviced her to refresh the link then she see the error and was unable to open the form

Did the data manager make any changes in the survey project while redeploying the survey project?

No he didnt . He redeployed just to make sure the form is working

If a new form version was deploýed, this will NEVER be used for any data already saved and re-edited. The new deployment will only work for a new filling of the form.
But I cannot say how this works for the (two) csv. Maybe @Kal_Lam can say?

Hi Wroos , thanks
No changes was made to the form . And now we are more interested in getting the data which was completed and stacked on the browser

But you wrote
“the data manager redeployed the form assuming she will get it back”.
As far as I know, this will be a NEW version of the form, even if no changes made.
But the previous data relate still to the PREVIOUS deployment/version.

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True , its new versions , so far evenif the form are new we were able to view, edit or retrive the data ,

Hi @wb_cjc,

Maybe this support article Manually Uploading Submissions should solve your issue to upload the submissions that were stuck in your browser (while collecting data through Enketo).


Thanks for all the support , will check and update this forum how it ended .


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