Data exports stuck in "Pending... Click to Refresh"


This error has again started showing up. It just says “Pending… Click to Refresh” and doesn’t provide the link to download.

Please rectify this asap! Thank you.

Hi @ks_1,

Thank you for flagging out the download issue in the forum. I tested it form my side and found out all the downloads are OK with the OCHA server ( Looking over to the HHI server ( found OK with XLS, CSV and SPSS labels export type while there was issue on downloading XLS (legacy), CSV (legacy), GPS coordinates (KML) and Media Attachments (ZIP) export type.

I have flagged this issue with the developers!

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Thank you! Any idea when this would be rectified? My workflow has come to a standstill as all our scripts are designed to run on the legacy reports.

(We don’t use the new reports because the dates and numbers in the new reports are not formatted as such and it’s a pain to filter and work with them).

Thank you for the report. The “Pending…” issue for legacy exports on should now be resolved.

Thanks for mentioning date and number formatting; I just saw your previous post about it:


Thanks a lot @jnm for the quick resolution!

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