Data is in XML values instead of selected language

I’m encountering issues while trying to download my form data. My data is currently only downloading XML values (in the data section) while maintaining language for the headers. After some perusing on the form i realized that since I had made some changes to the survey during data collection this error cropped up, which i will keep in mind for next time, however I need to resolve this issue quickly for this project. Any suggestions on how I can get around this?

Hint: Try to avoid changjng a form during data collection, e.g. through systematic pre-tests. If you really need a change, first develop and test it on a clone of your form, including data export for new and old case examples.

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@sahu4022, how many languages does your project have? Did you add the languages (to the project) after the data collection?

2 languages.
Added after data collection unfortunately

Hi @sahu4022,

It seem that if the form has at least 2 languages and/or has label::(language) the XML values are shown in the report view instead of labels.

This was discussed in detail in this post, I strongly suggest you to take a look at it:

In short:

  • Changing one of the labels to label format, instead of label::(language) format should solve the issue.

Please try that in a dummy form first to save you from risks.

Hint: But use only for report temporarily. (Save original form version!). Do not change it for data collection etc.