Data jumbled and incorrect after XLS export download

Hi, I am currently experiencing a problem with my Kobo data, as I mentioned in the header the data seems to be moving up or moving down the columns it would normally appear on when I download the XLS form responses. I was informed this happened once before, so I just wanted to find out if there’s a fix for this on my side or Kobo’s side.

Welcome to the community, @thomastimeandtide! Could you also share a screenshot with the community so that the community should also be able to understand your issue pictorially?

Hi, thanks a bunch. A good example of one case would be the attached images. The form in question as you can see from the kobo snapshot the form should have four choices for thqt question but on export we get additional responses as well as data moving columns. Even though the kobo tables do present the correct data.

Try this

  1. Try exporting the data in a different format. Kobo allows you to export data in a variety of formats, including CSV, JSON, and XML. Try exporting the data in a different format and see if that resolves the issue.
  2. Contact Kobo support. If you are still having problems, contact Kobo support for assistance. They may be able to help you troubleshoot the issue or provide you with a workaround.