Data not able to sync with Excel Power Query

Same as the above issue. Using Excel PowerQuery, API the following errors is happening using the instructions here:

Details: "Web.Contents failed to get contents from '' (404): Not Found"

These steps always worked for me before today. The issue seems to be only with Excel as it seems to work using PowerBI.

OK, but it could be Excel then also the API request through Ajax had the error, and also for the Project for which it was running fine earlier. Anyways, now it is running properly though, Thanks.

Hi @bmcdonald,

Welcome back to the community! Would you mind making your data public and see if it works for you. If you still continue to see the issue kindly please share with us (through a private message) the following:

  • Username
  • Project name

We would like to have a look at our end and see if we could help you.

Though I could not grasp the exact problem you are facing, based on my experience of pulling data into Power Query below are my comments:
Don’t you think the link should be

instead of

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I found the issue - user error :slight_smile:

In Excel, the authentication info for the domain was somehow changed, causing the request to 404.

To fix: In Excel, go to; Data; Get Data; Data Source Settings; Clear permissions for domains associated with your dataset. The next time you Get data from web, it will ask you to enter user credentials.

@Kal_Lam That you for your response, sorry about my slow reply.

@mohan_n Thanks also. Both formats work

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I have this issue, could you please help me on this

Welcome to the community, @hatem! Have you gone through our support article Pulling Data Into Excel Power Query? It should solve your issue. If you still have issues please feel free to reach us back.

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