Data not showing on mandatory rank questions

I created a survey in which every question is mandatory. Though the data was collected for each question, questions that are in matrix format do not show up in the data or in the downloaded excel. Is there a way to somehow see or get the data for the matrix questions once submitted?

Thanks for your help!

Welcome to the community @ayasalhany! Would you mind sharing a screenshot of the missing matrix data.

Hi @Kal_Lam, thank you for your response! On the data on Kobo, it just skips over the question, as if the question was never there but here is a screenshot of the excel sheet. Basically it’s also blank on the excel sheet though it was mandatary. Let me know if you think there is a potential fix to it. !

Could you kindly share with us two different screenshots? The first one with the question and the second one the dataset with an empty row.

At the moment, the screenshot you have shared did not help us understand your situation.

I understand, here is the screenshot of the question

The picture I sent shows that that specific question was not answered.

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OK, more clear now! FYI, it’s a ranking question. Could you now download your xlsform and then share it with the community. Maybe we could have a closer look at it.

I can’t share the one we had but I created a mock form with the same exact questions and a few submissions. This form only has Matrix questions and the excel is completely blank. When I go on the reports under the data tab on Kobo, it says no reports but I can see that one of the questions has data under the table tab in the data section. also attached a screenshot of that.

Draft_trial_-latest_version-labels-_2020-11-02-17-48-58.xlsx|attachment (5.7 KB)

Would you mind having a look with my attached dummy questions and see if it behaves properly at your end.

Ranking Question Test 2020 11 03.xlsx (10.7 KB)

You should see something like the following under your DATA>Table while entering some dummy responses:

Your xls dataset should see something like the following:

Reference dataset (xls format):
Ranking_Question_Test_2020_11_03_-latest_version-labels-_2020-11-03-07-36-24.xlsx|attachment (8.7 KB)

Your dummy questions seems to behave properly on my end! It’s odd, I also tried going to table view on to mock form I created, and if I click on edit, I can actually see the answers that were submitted but they still don’t show up on the table. This screenshot is when I try to edit the row on table view in the data.

But again, that’s what it looks like when I look at it in the table and the data shows nothing as well.

I hope these screenshots are helpful to try to figure it out.

Hi @ayasalhany
Out of curiosity, since you indicated that the one @Kal_Lam shared was working perfectly on your end too and the one you shared was not. Could ur try changing your form in English to see if this works differently? This will help us troubleshoot this further.


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Oh, I have tried and the English form doesn’t have any issues because when but sadly my forms have to be in arabic as the enumerators and respondents only speak arabic. So I need to find a solution as to why there is a constant issue with matrix questions in arabic.

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@Kal_Lam thank you for that. Though I do not think we are resolving the underlying issue here. In my dummy questionnaire, I have a second question that is also a matrix question. The answers to that second question do show-up in the table in the data tab on Kobo (view picture below).

Yet when I download the data, even if I say I want the labels to show up instead of values, I still get a blank excel. Draft_trial_-all_versions-labels-_2020-11-04-12-32-38.xlsx|attachment (5.8 KB)

Hi @ayasalhany,

Could you kindly share with us the following through a private message so that we could have a closer look at your case:

  • Username
  • Server you are using (OCHA or HHI)
  • Project name

I’m also having the same problem of missing data for a few Ranking questions. My questionnaire is similarly also not in English (it’s in Thai and Burmese). The downloaded data in xls shows blank columns for certain questions, even though they are mandatory.

@ayasalhany I used API Connector to import the data into Google sheets. Using this method I can see the missing responses, and I then downloaded the complete file through Google sheets.

This is just a temporary workaround, but it would be good to find out what the problem is. Thank you!

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