Data Privacy

Hello! I understand that unchecking the “Require authentication to see forms and submit data” box before distributing a survey allows any individual, without a Kobo account, to submit responses. We have unchecked this box for one of our surveys as we are distributing it to many participants of one of our courses, but could you please confirm this will not compromise the privacy/security of the data they submit? Thank you!

@ascharf, if checked your enumerator will need to log in with the login credentials to submit the data. Maybe this post should be able to show how it should look like when you check Require authentication to see forms and submit data.

If you keep this unchecked, anyone could submit data if they get the survey URL. You could however overcome this issue by managing 2 accounts viz. the admin account and the enumerator's account as outlined in the this post discussed previously:

Hi, I understand that, and our enumerators don’t have accounts. I just want to ensure that without an account, the data they submit is still protected by Kobo’s data privacy policy?

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Yes, the data is very well protected @ascharf!

Great, thank you!

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