Data Pulling Error in Excel And Google Sheet

Hello Sir,
This is to inform you that I am facing a problem with Kobotoolbox api key i am pulling data of kobotoolbox from excel by API key but the API link is telling invalid and downloading data from the same link by browser. Sir Please solve the issues…

@frhsindia, are you trying to pull your data to Excel Power Query or to a Google Sheet?

Sir I am trying excel and google sheet both.

@frhsindia, if you are using the Excel Power Query, you could follow our support article that has been shared here:

Thank you sir, i will check.

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i am not able to link kobotoolbox data into excel, sir please suggest how can do it.

Did you follow the exact steps? Did you make your data public?

Yes, during the process show error link is invalid.

What is the error message that you see? Could you share it with the community?


There could be 2 possible issues you will need to verify:

  • You have selected the wrong project that is not available on the server. for e.g. 92453 may not be there and you may have chosen the wrong project.
  • The other is that you may have chosen the wrong server. Are you on the humanitarian server or on a non-humanitarian server? You should see if you are using a humanitarian server while if you are using a non-humanitarian server.

Hello sir,

Sir when i checked the project link by ' url then the code of my project is showing the same so how can i know which is the correct link of my project