Data Submission Missing

Our tool is used for routine data collection from over 96 devices, we always update the forms and never faced data loss. and when opening the project detail on our account I can see the total submission shown in the upper right corner, however when downloading the data, we have multiple forms that are missing, We noticed that they correspond to a specific date, where all the forms submitted before it don’t appear when downloading the data.

I always check the box for “include data from all deployed form”, but still the issue remains. all new entries submitted are being recorded in the dataset when downloading but those previous entries are lost.

The picture attached shows the difference between number of submissions and the actual data available in the data set (3516 total submissions, 8 entries showing in the dataset)

I would appreciate your assistance in helping me solving this issue.

KD Nukhba

Welcome to the community, @kd.nukhba! So, you are able to see 3516 submissions in your survey project in your user account. How many submissions do you see while downloading them as xls format?

I can see only 8 while downloading them as xls format

@kd.nukhba, we will have a closer look and get back to you soon.

@kd.nukhba, could you provide us more details on how you collected your data and submitted it to the server? Maybe this should help us identify the issue of this cause to make a permanent fix for the same.

@kd.nukhba, kindly please be informed that your issue has been resolved. But we would be grateful to have the details requested previously.

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Thanks a lot for your support the issue is resolved now I have my data on my computer.


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@kd.nukhba, we would appreciate if you could share with us the details of how you collected your data and all that you did. This could help us identify the bug and fix it.

Hello sir,
Same issue is again showing in the same project

@Kal_Lam we collect the data through the Kobo Collect app and submitted to server.

Total 3516 records data are collected from the field and submitted to the server but in KoboToolbox it is showing only 8 submission.

@kd.nukhba, do you mean you collected data through KoBoCollect android app in the field and once the collections were over your team simply submitted the data through KoBoCollect android app to the server?

Do you mean, the issue has once again shown back for the same project? Could you share with us a screenshot of the same? Kindly please provide us details so that we could have a closer look at it.

Yes the data was collected through KoBoCollect android app in the field and submitted to the server for more clarifications please see the below picture.

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@kd.nukhba, thank you. Will get back to you when resolved.

@kd.nukhba, kindly please be informed that your issue has been solved.

Thank you, the issue is resolved.

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Hello Sir
I hope your doing well
I am facing same problem again data missing

You can see the below picture of my project there are submitted 3536 submission from the field but in table it’s blank

@kd.nukhba, is it from the same project that you had reported previously?