Date of forms

Hi everyone,
The date of mobile device (in which Kobo is installed) is correct, but whenever i submit the forms to the server the date is changed.
Is anyone can help with this issue

Would you mind sharing with us a screenshot that backs up your issue. It would also be helpful for us to replicate the same at our end.

This might be the result of different time zones (local device/country) and KoBo server (US, or Irland)?

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Hi @Abdul
As @wroos has hinted, you should see the following behavior as regards time on your form.

  1. The time collected as a date and time question will not change when submitted to the server. It will remain the same as your mobile device time (expected behavior)
  2. The submission time will take the server time and not the mobile device time. As such you should be seeing a difference between your local time and the server time (expected behavior)

Kindly confirm if what you observe veers off the norm above.