Date/time accuracy

Hi, I have a questionnare of 19 questions that includes 4 open questions that require at least one or two sentneses. I noticed that the start and end date/time for each implemented questionnare (total of 10 questionnairs of 19 questions) is not more that 3 to 4 minutes and the time between any two questionnares is 2 to 5 second!

The GPS location is showing different sports within a distance of 950 meter.

Is there any chance that the date/time information is inconsistent or the fleid surveyor is just making it up? Note that the date/time information is automatically provided by the system. so no human intervension on that.

I am attaching a samle of the collected data I have and picture of the GPS sports.

Appreciate your advice on this.

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Hi @mabdulkareem
The time difference and the distance indicates that potentially the data may have been collected without moving from one place to another. Could you confirm if the GPS coordinates are picked automatically or the user has to enter this?


The GPS coordinates are picked automatically.

@mabdulkareem, maybe you will also need to check the accuracy of your GPS point. Besides, the accuracy of the GPS points also depend on a lot of factors such as weather, device quality and so on. You may have difficulty to get a good accuracy when the weather is not clear. Also, when the enumerator is using a cheap device, the GPS accuracy may also vary. Maybe you will also need to investigate into these factors that may help you identify the issue.

Accuracy of 10 m is not too bad (most cases).
It is also possible that the data were entered while walking to the next house (GPS point).

Best might be to check the issue by going/talking to one or two cases.

Does your form NOT allow to change the picked GPS point, like moving the pin on the map? Could you provide a screenshot and the GPS question of your form?

Side-note: @Kal_Lam, @Josh.
The data download example above shows a strange numbering of _index, not relating to anything visible, like submission_time.

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Thank you all. Actually my issue is not with the GPS.

I simply want to know if there is a chance that the date/time information is inconsistance. In other words, if I see that the time it takes to do one questionnare in 2 - 4 mintes while normally it should take 14 - 20 minutes, shall I question directly think that the surveyor is making it up? or there is a chance that the date/time information is sometimes not reflecting the actual timing by the system.

Maybe if this is the case, you should take the support of audit feature as outlined in the support article Audit Logging Meta Question Type.

The audit feature at the moment is only supported with Collect android app.

@mabdulkareem, Do you use Enketo?

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So should I consider the surveyors made it up or there is a chance the time is not coorectly captures in the form?

@wroos, I assume this data has been filtered/edited and sorted hence the _index numbering. I would have to see the original download to confirm :+1:

Hi @Josh attached data sheet is the one without filtering or sorting. One thing I did was deleting the columns with confidential information, which didn’t affect the rest of data. I hope that works for you to figure out, if I have issue with the time (start/end) or the surveyors make it up.


Survey_all_versions_-False-_2021-09-21-03-07-07.xlsx|attachment (27.2 KB)