Default language corrupted after update

Dear KoBo team,

I have a survey use two languages (English & Arabic). it used to work fine as Arabic the default language. put after update the form shown in English although Arabic is selected as the default language.


Have a nice day!

Hi @aamra,

The new version of Enketo includes automatic language detection, so if your form contains an (en) translation and the browser’s language is set to English, it will show the English labels (see, specifically the “scenarios to test” at the bottom). If the browser is set to use Arabic, then your form should also appear in Arabic automatically. Alternatively, you could append ?lang=ar to the end of your form’s Enketo URL to force use of the Arabic labels.

Edit: based on your feedback, I added a note about this language behavior to the top of the release notes. Thanks!


Hi @jnm many thanks for your support and clarification.

Have a nice day!