Delay in receiving the submitted forms to KoBoToolbox server

Dears, sometimes field staff submitted forms through tablets or web link, but it takes one to four weeks to be received into the kobo server!!!

Hi @ismailhammad,

Welcome to the community! Typically if your device is not connected to the internet, though you press the Submit button, your data will not reach the KoBoToolbox server. Once you are connected to the internet and you follow the above mentioned step your data will be submitted to the server immediately.

It should not take one to four weeks of time!


actually the forms were submitted from tablets and moved to the “Sent” section. of kobocollect application, but we checked kobo data server we did not found those forms even after one week! this happens rarely but still exist!

Hi @ismailhammad,

In this case would you mind having a look at the KoBoCollect configuration. Press the General Settings>Server>URL. In the URL see that the link is configured properly.

Would you also mind sharing with us the screenshot of the URL link (in a private message) that you have configured under the Server? We would like to have a look to see what might have caused the issue.


Hello Kal_Lam,
we are using this URL and our username and password as per kobo instructions.

Hi @ismailhammad
Just confirming if you received all your forms finally


Hi @stephanealoo,
actually the old missing not received yet. but now we are receiving all new submissions accordingly!

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