Deleting an unwanted repeat group

I am doing a form in which a group repeats itself if needed. My problem is that I am unable to delete a repeat group in the app (phone) in case I have accidentally added it yet it is not needed. on the kobo website (enketo) there is a clear + and - sign which I can use to add or delete a repeat group. The preview of the form also has this + and - sign as the repeat group ends. How can I delete the repeat group or have the + an - sign visible?

@Maria4, maybe try using the repeat_count then.

Your question is how to delete one repeat case in Collect?

Thanks @Kal_Lam but this is not very clear I have read through this

“demand you to control the repeating of questions in a roster with a value of a certain variable.”

But I simply want to control addition with a + or - sign. One I have added a repeat group and return backwards, the option for add or do not add does not appear so I have to proceed with the added group. kindly elaborate how repeat_count would work in this case.

Hello @wroos . Yes how do I delete a repeat group added while filling in the form on the Kobo Collect phone app? Once added I cannot reverse it.

You may have a look here (found with the famous search function of this forum), Kobo Collect and repeatable groups for android - #16 by Kal_Lam.

Hi. I have a same problem with Maria4. I checked the forum that you suggested, but I could not find the solution. Could you explain which part is for it?

You may also have a look here: Filling out Forms with Collect - ODK Docs