Different Data Collection even if input is same

Hello i want to create a form which will first ask :
Other data
Block Number
House Number

And then i want to gather into for multiple members of the family:
For that i have made a group of questions, the number of members in family are different so i use repeatable questions. The data collected about members of family is in seperate sheet as it cant’t be represented in the main sheet, however i want house number to be included in the members list, cause without it i cant know the member is from which family. I made an hidden field in the family member question group at set it to get value from already filled block and house number.
this is the output, when i enter data from pc, each of the row will have house and block number, but in mobile only the last member of family will have house and block number. Here the last and second last line are inputed from pc and other are from mobile.

Welcome to the community, @rachit9t! Isn’t the roster details from within the same household (house number)? If yes, then why would you like to link it internally (within the repeat group)?