Disable Upload Picture and require to take new photo

Halo, anyone can help me
i use the kobo humanitarianresponse to collect data family with social welfare problem
and I have a problem using Windows Tab for data collection when I want to take photos to include in the form, but it only shows “Click Here to Upload file”
not activate the camera.

if I use Android it’s no problem.

Thanks for helping

Welcome to the community, @dcosta! Maybe you will need to use the Collect android app for this instead of using Enketo.

So the “take picture” inside the form - only works in the app - not on the webform? is that right?

If you are in an app, you should be able to take the image right away. But if you are using Enketo, you will need 2 steps.

In the first step you will get a screen as shown in the image below:

Then you will need to tap Check here to upload file. (< 10 MB). Once you tab this, you will be taken to a different screen (as shown in the image below):

Then you will need to select Camera to take pictures.