Displaying "Others Specify Label" in the next question

I have a form with 2 multiple choices fields including an other field. There are five choices for q1 for eg: A / B / C / D / E / Others What i want is if the user the selects A / C / Others and mention the text as say F, then in the next question i want the list to be displayed as A / C / F. I am an attaching an sample form for the same what i tried but didn’t work. Can you let me know how it is possible to carry forward the others in the multiple choice field.
fridah (2).xlsx (10.4 KB)

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Hi @khasaab,

Thanks for exploring a way round and sharing it with the entire community! I tested your xlsform and it worked fine for me in KoBoCollect android app. It also worked fine in the Enketo but you simply need to click the Others Specify once again after typing the Please specify Others (Toyota). Having done this, you should be able to view the entered text in Which type of car do you own option as shown in the image below:


OK Thanks for the reply. Will check it.

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Dear @Kai_Lam,
thanks. You do not need to re-click other, any re-click will update (e.g. Nissan).

How can it be explained, that the change in ${other} doesn’t update the car2 choices? It’s related to the use of this choice_filter. (I am not sure if this is a bug or a feature.)
Without this choice-filter, the updates work well.
Should we forward the issue to the development team (github)?

Can we find a more user friendly solution (or workaround), please? The KoBo system needs a trick to see the car var as updated (like we do it manually be un-click/re-click)…

With the given limits, a combination of dynamic choices with referencing ${…} labels and using selected(…) filter reference, will be rather user unfriendly:

  • esp. in non-pages style setting, as on smartphone
  • also after a change in the other or any other referenced var the user would need to move back to the first selection (2 pages backward), to un-click and re-click any choice.
  • If the user forgets this, the labels will stay empty in the data set (save & validate don’t update here, as far as I have tried).

Best regards

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Hello @wroos @Kal_Lam

Has there been any solution to the referencing of choices and responses of “others please specify” in questions?
I am in dire need of a solution.
Thank you

this solution is not workin now, could you please help, @Kal_Lam

@noman_s2325, could you be more specific so that the community should be able to help you solve your issue?