Do I need to pay KOBOTOOLBOX for a study that exceeds 10k submissions ? Isn't KoboToolBox open source by nature?

Do I need to pay KOBOTOOLBOX 50$ if the study exceed 10k submissions and In case yes, how ? Isn’t KoboToolBox open source by nature ?

Hi @apulikkal, you can refer to the support article here regarding the two servers that we provide. If you are using the non-humanitarian server and will be exceeding the limits, you can reach out to

Please note that open source does not mean that a service is zero-cost, only that the source code is “open” for you to review and use, depending on the licence. You can find the source code on GitHub here if you are interested, the license we use is AGPL v3. You can also refer to the FOSS section of this Wikipedia page for more information.