Do we convert Kobo question form into Microsoft Word?

Dear Valuated KoBo Friends,

I am trying to convert Microsoft word form from already setting Kobo questionnaires form. I used PDF format from Print setting but it doesn’t be good. So if you have any suggestion for it, please let me know.

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Myint Thu

Hi @mt_pin24,

Welcome to the community! At the present, KoBoToolbox does not offer a feature to export questionnaire into word. It is limited to exporting into PDF.

Maybe the KoBoToolbox developers could work on this feature upon receiving ample votes from the KoBoToolbox community members or upon suitable funding.

Hi @Kal_Lam,

Thanks for the reply above. Do you or anyone else know a good way to download the answers from a form into a Microsoft Word document?

I was considering using Kobo for capturing qualitative information from monitoring visits and would like to make the answers into a Word/pdf report.

Thanks in advance for the help!

Hi @norcrosser
As indicated in the previous chats. There is no way to download the data in word.


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Is there any option to export a form in a *.doc or *.odt text file? or at least a plain text *.txt?, the only option available is to print a *.pdf file from the preview or the web-form. Unfortunately, this *.pdf file seems to export the form as an image. I tried the different layouts of the form with the same results.

In case it is not possible, has anyone found out a method in order to do that?.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @hescalar,

Kindly please be informed that i have moved your post here to let you know about the discussion that has been going over which is related with the issue you have posted.

Maybe you could press the VOTE button (at the top) if you wish to see this feature in KoBoToolbox in the future.

Have a great day!

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For those who are still triying, I got 2 ways for doing it, both works in the web-form, no the preview, only the collect data web-form.

  • 1rst way: In the page use “Select all” (ctrl + A in my case, it may vary to you depending on the language of your keyboard, your browser or both), copy and paste on a document. You still will have to do formating but it is a good start.
  • 2nd way: Scrap the data with a scrapper extension. This one is more advanced and, because I’m kind of noob with that I suppose, it wasn’t really a better option than the first one.

Please implement the exporting to *.doc or *.odt!