Docker KoboToolbox - Locking down account creation

For those running Docker KoboToolbox that want to lock down online account creation:

If running KoboToolbox on the web there is a need to lock down the ability to create new accounts. KoboToolbox makes use of Django to provide user registration.Click here for information about Django user registration.

The, “,” referred to in the Django documentation can be found in the following location for KoboToolbox:
kobotoolbox_kpi_1 >> srv/src/kpi/kobo/


The following code block looks something like the block of interest:

REGISTRATION_OPEN = True # If True, users can register
ACCOUNT_ACTIVATION_DAYS = 7 # One-week activation window
REGISTRATION_AUTO_LOGIN = True # If True, the user will be automatically logged in.
LOGIN_REDIRECT_URL = ‘/rango/’ # The page you want users to arrive at
LOGIN_URL = ‘/accounts/login/’ # The page users are directed to


Make the following change to shut down the creation of new accounts:



Restart the KoboToolbox instance. Account creation should now be locked out.

To create new accounts for users use the KoboToolbox admin utility at the following web location: