Download data based on submission date and time

Hello, I have a project running with large number of entries. When I want to download a report, is there a way to apply submission time filter?

This is possible but you will need to follow the steps as outlined below:

  • Follow the instruction as outlined in the support article Pulling Data Into Excel Power Query until you get something like if you are on an OCHA server and if you are on a HHI server.

  • Then you will simply need to add ?start=20_12_03_00_00_00&end=20_12_03_23_59_59 to the end of the link which you have finalized as shown above. Here you will have to control the date and time by entering the date and time that you wish to download your data for. As an example i have used 20_12_03_00_00_00 just after ?start= where 20 stands for year= 2020, 12 stands for month=12, 03 stands for day=03, 00 stands for hour=00, 00 stands for minute=00 and 00 stands for seconds=00. Similarly, i have used 20_12_03_23_59_59 just after &end= where 20 stands for year= 2020, 12 stands for month=12, 03 stands for day=03, 23 stands for hour=23, 59 stands for minute=59 and 59 stands for seconds=59. So basically, with this query i will be downloading my data in an xls format from 2020-12-03 to 2020-12-03 that was entered in between 00:00:00 (i.e. midnight) to just 1 second prior to midnight i.e. 23:59:59. So your query would be as follows:

    If you are using an OCHA server: start=20_12_03_00_00_00&end=20_12_03_23_59_59

    If you are using a HHI server: start=20_12_03_00_00_00&end=20_12_03_23_59_59

  • Now copy the link (created above) and paste it in your browser. You should be able to get the data for the required date and time in an xls format.


This method however only works if you have enabled start and end metadata in your survey project.


By default these metadata are enabled with KoBoToolbox form builder UI. However, you will have to ensure if you have uploaded your survey projects through an xlsform.

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Hi @paani
Unfortunately, this future is not supported by the program