Download Data in Vertical Format

Hi all,
hope you are all good.
I have collected household data with household members. when I download data, I receive separate excel sheets both for household data and household members data.

The data of household members are appear in horizontal format, each member in a separate row.
I need the household member data in vertical format, all members of a specific household in a one row. I tried on data > download buttons but there is not such option.

Can any one give me the solution to convert data as above mentioned requirement in excel or kobo.

Thanks in advance.

@nasirali366, this support article should help you solve your issue:

Dear Kal_Lam,
Thank you for your response. It is really helpful. this data merge technique is called data merging in long format. I want to merge data in wide format. For example, one household has two school going children and I want to merge it in wide format. In wide merging format It remain one row and the information of both children appear in next columns one by one.

@nasirali366, in this case, maybe you could do the following:

  • First do the merge with long format (for all sections differently as needed).
  • Once the merge with the long format is done, you could then merge the data with the wide format by sorting the identifier (to ascending order). The benefit of sorting the identifier is that you could then later on simply copy the data with all the columns just next to the primary identifier.

Hope this approach helped. We could still have our community to chime in for other easy approaches for this.