Download data with filter by custom column

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I’d like to ask if it is possible to make link for downloading data with certain data in custom column?

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Welcome to the community, @oksana_ch! Did you mean you wanted to drop some of the variables when downloading the data in XLS format?

If this is what you are looking for, then you can download your data as outlined in this support article Exporting and Downloading Your Data. Be sure to go through the Advanced Options and Select questions to exported:

Hi, Kal_Lam

No, I mean if I can do a link like this example

from topic Date filters for downloading - User Support / Data Management - KoboToolbox Community Forum

But I need filter not by date but by my custom field.

Hi, @Kal_Lam . Would you please help with my question?

Hi @oksana_ch , what do you mean by custom column? is it text? is it select one? you need to give more details so we can help

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Hi @osmanburcu It is text column

Hi again,
You can use the structure below, it works. If you would like to filter the data in .csv version, replace the .json with .csv. If you are using an API, you can delete the .json part.

One point you need to make sure you include the group name to field name section, and field names should be in XML value.{ Your form ID number, example: 1523411}.json?query={“field name”:“Value to filter”}


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