Downloading grouped matrix questions with skip logic

Hi there,

I have recently collected my data and am now trying to download my data but see the Exel file seems very messy. I used form builder to create grouped matrix questions with skipped logic based on the location site. In the Excel download, all matrix options for all the subgroups are visible, although for some responses certain subgroups are not relevant (in the form avoided through skip logic). This makes the amount of rows endless.

Is there an easier way to seperate the data per skip logic option to seperate excel tabs and avoid this? Additionally, is there a way to change the names of groups in matrix questions using form builder? At the moment row and column numbers are given which are not easy to interpret.

Many thanks!

@Sarah23, could you download the survey form as XLSForm and check out the variable name for these matrix questions? I think the variable names (seen in the downloaded dataset) should be the same that is seen in the XLSForm.


It indeed shows the same variable names in the XLSForm. Is there a way to change the names through Form Builder as Im not too familiar with working with XLS codes.

And besides, would there be a solution to seperate the skipped logic questions onto different excel tabs for example? I have 3 subgroups with different questions and now all the data points for every subgroup are shown, even though these are not applicable to all groups. So at this moment, it is not very easy to read the data.

@Sarah23, changing the variable name at this phase (where you have already received some of your data in the server) should complicate your data management process. Hence I would advise you to leave the variable name as it is for now. Maybe you could think of having an easy variable name for your next project (by taking this as a learning for your next project).

@Sarah23, this is only possible for a repeat group question. It does not support the matrix question type.

Maybe at this phase, I would recommend you extract the matrix question and then redeploy the same matrix question as a separate dummy project. Make some dummy collections and then play around with the data to get used to how the response to matrix questions are stored in KoboToolbox. Maybe doing so would also help you understand how your current data is stored.