Downloading media files (filtering by questions)

hello, i have a question, if i have multiple questions in my form that request the upload of different files, it is possible to download those files per question? (i.e- download all the files that have been uploaded on only one of the questions?)

This is not possible at the moment @igorts. We could however explore this approach in the upcoming days where a user is able to download media files (filtering by questions).

In the meantime, maybe if you wish to give this approach (workaround a try):

Hi @igorts, I have just updated my media downloading script to handle your need for specified questions. You can find it here. If you want to download all media for project with ASSET_UID of avSR9io49PqPeBLTtYk4Ml and a question name of my_question, you can download all media for that question by running:

python3 \
  --asset-uid avSR9io49PqPeBLTtYk4Ml \
  --question-names my_question

Alternatively you can use my GUI tool to paste any filenames and download them…

So now you have multiple options… :slight_smile:

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