Downloading XLSForm


I need to download deployed form in order to insert my company’s logo. However, I am unable to download the xls. file. Could I get some help please?


Hi @Ntareque welcome to the community!

At the right side of your forms, there is an option for More actions indicated with 3 dots: …
(1st square in the screenshot)

When you click on it there is an option to Download XLS. Just click on it and the xls version of your form will be downloaded.

download form

If you need further help, feel free to ask.

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Hello Hakan,

I tried that process already but it is not working unfortunately.

Would appreciate further suggestion.


@Ntareque, which server are you on? Are you the admin of the project?

Hello, I cannot specify I am in which server. I work for DAI. I have created the survey form not sure if that makes me admin of the project.

@Ntareque, maybe you could send us your login link. We should be able to identify the server through the login link.

@Kal_Lam Is it what you are asking for? Projects | DAI Collect

OK, this seems to be a self-hosted server. Maybe you will need to contact your server administrator for this.