Dropdown menu containing all submitted answers to a question of another form

when meeting a beneficiary on the field for the first time, we fill a form that auto-generates a unique ID that will correspond to that person (as previously discussed here).

Later, we might fill a different form relating to that same beneficiary, and we want to make it as easy as possible to find back the ID that corresponded to them. For example, it would be nice if we were able to select the ID from a dropdown menu.

  1. Is it possible to automatically fill a dropdown menu with all submitted “beneficiary ID” answers to the first form?

My problem is similar to what’s discussed at Providing a form number to a submitted form but I am specifically interested in automating the process: the “pull data” functionality seems to require that every now and then someone creates a CSV file containing all “beneficiary IDs” from the results of the first form and uploads it to all forms that need that information.

  1. Is it possible to easily automate this process?
  2. The pull data functionality seems to require that the form is built in XLS form. Does that mean that we can never later modify the form from the web form builder?

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@eguiraud, please be informed that KoBoToolbox is bringing a new feature shortly known as the Dynamic Data Attachment which should fulfill your requirement. But, you could still do it through the pulldata function.

But, don’t know if the new feature could still support this requirement. Will however explore to see if this is also possible through the Dynamic Data Attachment feature.

With the Dynamic Data Attachment feature, you should be able to automatically pull the information collected and stored previously.

pulldata is simply an expression that pulls information so why would you need to edit the same. Besides, if you wish to edit the same in the form builder, you should be able to edit the same.