Duplicate variable names do not create errors

Hi there !

I met a important issue. In XLSForms syntax, you can have for example a group having the same name as a variable and this is not problematic generally speaking, but Kobo sees it as problematic. This means that when you import an XLS form, duplicate names do not give you an error message, but Kobo automatically renames one of the names adding “001” to it. I understand that Kobo might have technical issues with a group and a name having the same name (although the Kobo Excel Analyser made available on the platform sees this as a prerequisite for some features, which is therefore inconsistent…), but the minimum would be to have an error message either refusing the form as there are duplicate names or else informing the user on import that his variables have been renamed. And when you submit data and export results, variable names has been modify without notice it to the user.


I am using KOBO Humanitarian response & ODK Collect v1.22.4.

Thank you for taking this into account :slight_smile:

Hi @chloelaborde,

Could you share the xlsform so that we could look over it. Thank you!

hey !

Sorry only saw your message today.
Here is an example form:
test.xlsx (38.1 KB)

Thank you :slight_smile: