Duplicate variable names do not create errors

Hi there !

I met a big point. When you import an XLS form, duplicate variable names do not create errors, And when you submit data and export results, variable names has been modify without notice it to the user.

Inkedduplicatevname1_LI Inkedduplicatevname2_LI

It can be a big issue in some analysis tools: Kobo should block this error (rather than just renaming the variable automatically) and make sure that the user modifies his variable names before import. It would be better to have an “error” than to can deal with a form with duplicate variable names. Those variable names are structural for any analysis tool that is used. And work with this is really counterproductive…

Thank you for taking this into account :slight_smile:

Hi @chloelaborde,

Could you share the xlsform so that we could look over it. Thank you!

hey !

Sorry only saw your message today.
Here is an example form:
test.xlsx (38.1 KB)

Thank you :slight_smile: