During downloading data the group data appeared into different file

Data removed due to presence of identifier information

please help me i am unable to connect xls data with the parent link.

Could you kindly explain your issue in detail so that we could help you out.

i have downloaded data from kobo XLS legacy format, and i have seen the 8 group data of the survey format is showing in 3 different sheet… till 1 to 7th group data is in one sheet but from 8th group onwards data seperated into 3 sheets and i am not able to take the date into one sheet.

like round 1100 women surveyed but in different sheet of women showing 121, 60 , 5 different number of data into sheets

@vikassamvad2020, please be informed that you generally get the data in different sheet when you use the repeat group question within your survey project. For better understanding please feel free to have a look at the post discussed previously:

So as a workaround you will need to merge them to a separate sheet as discussed in this post:


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i am unable to do as you suggested me previously. please help me to make one common sheet
adcWhUemSXdCnPVj5GzYoE_2021_01_05_18_11_03.xlsx (1.7 MB)