When i download my data it comes in different sheets, how do i make them appear in one?

Hi team,
I have an issue with my data. My questionnaire is grouped into subsets. when i download it comes in different sheets this is not easy for analysing, how do i make themappear in one ? please help me out… Regards

Hi @mmarwa,

You generally see 2 or maybe more sheets in your downloaded xls dataset when you have repeat group questions within your survey questionnaire.

Please note that the first sheet that is generally seen when opening your xls dataset is the main dataset. This dataset contains a variable named _index. If you go to the next sheet (which should be your first repeat group sheet) you should see a variable named _parent_index.

Theoretically, the number of cases in your first sheet (default sheet) is always less then or sometimes equal to the next sheet (that contains the repeat group response). The two sheets can be merged based on your analysis requirement. Please note that the cases from _parent_index should always be matched and merged from those with the _index or vise-versa (i.e. as per your analysis requirement).

You could merge the data from these two sheets using lookup command (if you are using MS Excel) or maybe you could also use some third party software such as SPSS, stata, R, SAS and so on.

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Thanks for your help. Please, how to use lookup for merging it

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MS Excel also offers data merging and analysis using ‘Power Pivot’ tool built into it. Each sheet serves as a datasheet which can be linked using the _index and _parent_index in a one-to-many relationship.
You will find many tutorials on how to use ‘lookup’ or ‘Power Pivot’ tool on YouTube.