During survey data collected is lost


Just experienced data lost in our current survey. The survey is currently in progress, I did add 3 more questions and redeployed it.

As I check for updates later in the afternoon, there are no data in the forms as I individually open the forms, and also as I exported the data, there were no data also.

Urgent need of any assistance in this matter

Are you using Enketo or Kobocollect? Are you sure your users have submitted their data and that it has been sent to the server?

Using Enketo

For the first 3 days into the survey have seen all the data

Only yesterday when I open the forms they are empty

I tried again today same thing forms are empty

But as I download the data…the columns are not in order…data is there

Is there a way I can edit the forms before I download???

Welcome to the community, @Tia! Seems like you are not seeing some data after redeployment. Maybe this post discussed previously should help you better understand what happens when you redeploy:

This post should also be helpful:

Thank you for this

Need further assistance on editing the forms online