Dynamic choice label with appearance autocomplete - Update problem in Enketo (KoBo)


A dynamic choice list with autocomplete appearance is not updated with Enketo.

Steps to Reproduce

See example Dynamic Choice Label 03.xlsx (26.1 KB)

  1. Upload XLSForm and Preview (or deploy, do online data entry and submission)
  2. Select 2 choices in 1st question, including Other (specify)
  3. Enter text for Other (specify) and leave field
  4. Review added text in 1st choice list: NOT updated
  5. Review and select 2nd question now: NOT updated too.
  6. Validate - no change.

Also, when you go back to the 1st question and deselect/select something, the update for both choice lists is NOT activating. (It’s also NOT activating when you save or submit the case.)

The 1st select_multiple question selects 1 … n needs of the household. If Other is included, a free text is entered and added to the “Other” label. The 2nd select_one question selects one of the previous choices, and should show the enhanced Other label (if relevant). Also the 1st question choice list should show the enhanced choice label.

Expected behavior

Both choice lists should get updated. See Collect. An appearance should not change this behaviour.

Actual behavior

Label for choice list is NOT updated.

After text Shelter entered:

Additional details

If you remove the autocomplete for the question, the choice label update is activated there.

We tested it with XLSForm Online and KoBoToolbox Preview and WebForm (11/02/2021).

If we you use Collect (ODK 1.29.5) it’s working well with autocomplete.

I don’t know if we need this as a separate issue. Maybe this post should cover it up:

Thoughts @martijnr?

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