Dynamic data attachment based on a note

I have used the Dynamic Data Attachment to connect two projects, however, it is not working as expected. Attached are the files I am using - I am unsure if the problem is that I am trying to pull a ‘note’ into the child project.

In the parent project I used the concat function to create an ID number and then a note to display the ID number as described in Creating Unique Serial Numbers. In the child project I would like to display the ID number.

Round_2 test.xlsx (11.6 KB)
Round_1 test.xlsx (15.7 KB)

Hi @lml,

Can you try to pull the P_C2, -the calculate question from parent project- to see if that works?

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Hi @hakan_cetinkaya thank you for the suggestion. I tried it today and unfortunately it sill isn’t working.

Hi lml,

Did you connect the projects as below? Because I didn’t see any problem in your code

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In the child form, Calculate C2 is wrong. You forgot the group name. when I fixed it it started working.

Parent form: Enketo Express for KoboToolbox
Child form: Enketo Express for KoboToolbox

Beneficiary Messenger name: Test


Round_1 test.xlsx (15.7 KB)
Round_2 test.xlsx (11.7 KB)

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@osmanburcu Thank you - what a silly mistake! I have tried the Enketo links and using the xlsx and I still can’t get the ID to show in the child survey. I’m unsure why if it works for you.

It is working, but only problem is you need to wait around 15 mins for the child form to update the data and refresh the page when you see the yellow notification on the top.

For ID, I don’t know what is wrong, I didn’t check that part, but I will check


When i checked the parent form’s data, I see that your “Your Unique ID is: ${P_C2}” doesn’t register the data, so your code brings the information to the child form, but it is empty. That’s why you don’t see anything, and the code above is working

Round_1_Survey_-all_versions-labels-_2023-01-26-13-48-51.xlsx|attachment (5.5 KB)

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wait for 5 minutes

@osmanburcu Thank you for checking the form. KoboToolbox isn’t loading for me this morning but once it is I will try again pulling P_C2 instead as @hakan_cetinkaya suggested. Hopefully after applying both of your suggestions it will work :slight_smile:

I have tried pulling P_C2 as suggested and it still doesn’t work for the ID. Do I need to pull the same type of data between parent and child forms? So pulling a calculate to a note doesn’t work? Everything else works as intended.

The issue has been solved. We needed to move the ID which was using the pulled data (the instance calculation) outside of the group. The files are attached if anyone is interested.

Parent 1.xlsx (15.8 KB)
Child 1.xlsx (12.8 KB)

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