Dynamic data - Child form did not work properly to pull data from Parent fields

Dear Mr Kalyan,

I have created parent and child forms, and they are linked perfectly. However, retrieving data from the linked fields from the parent form to the child form is not straightforward.

When I send data from the parent form using KOBO-collect, there is no problem, even with the web form (Enketo). In order to retrieve the data from the parent form (to fill in some of the linked fields), I waited several minutes for the data to be synchronized, but this has not happened. I have refreshed the KOBO-Collect several times, but this also did not help retrieve the data from the parent form. I even set it to auto-refresh (form management), and that did not help either.

When I deleted the form in KOBO-Collect and reloaded it, it worked perfectly for the data that was on the server. For new data - I had to repeat the same process (delete the form and download it again).

I also tried using webform to get/fetch data into the child form, but it did not work despite several refreshes. It works perfectly if I redeploy the child form each time there is a new data input from the parent form.

I have very little understanding of this system. I think I may have messed up some settings somewhere. Please help me.

@kbaral check the following thread

Basically, after submitting using Collect, wait a minute and then just open the form in Enketo and it will show there is an updated form, let it update but you don’t need to fill in any data. Now if you go to Collect you will see that it will also have the new data if you refresh.

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@kbaral, @nmambre, when you are collecting data with the Collect Android App for the dynamic data attachment feature, please ensure that you have set the Blank form update mode to Exactly match server. You can set this from Settings>Form management>Blank form update mode. Please also note that you will need to have an internet connection to your device when using this feature, or else your device will not be able to sync with the server.

I have tried everything. There may be a problem with the form. Please have a look and make suggestions.

Form01 Before Cataract Surgery.xlsx (23.3 KB)
Form02 After Cataract Surgery.xlsx (19.0 KB)